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Treat your guests to an after­noon or eve­ning of won­der and laugh­ter

“Ama­zing ... wowed the aud­ience ...”

—Irvine Valley College Review
Irvine, California

“Get ready for some good, old-fash­ioned, clean fun!...It was de­light­ful to watch people catch­ing each other with their mouths drop­ped open and their eyes reg­ister­ing awe, poking each other in the ribs and pointing, slap­ping their knees in delight and just gen­eral­ly laugh­ing them­selves off their seats.”

—Pastor Judy Secor
Golden West Area Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Huntington Beach, California



RGANIZING AN EVENT, whether it’s a corp­orate party for thou­sands or a birthday party for your child and a few guests, is a difficult, stressful, and often thank­less job. You must attend to so many things — the loca­tion, food, drinks, decora­tions, and — oh, yes, the enter­tain­ment.

     Hiring the enter­tainer might very well be the most im­por­tant task. Think about it! When is the last time you remem­bered the dinner you had at an event? When did the decor­ations or center­pieces make the event mem­orable and suc­cess­ful? Probably never.  More than any other factor, the overall success of your event will depend on the quality of the enter­tain­ment.

     Magic is a great enter­tain­ment choice. Magic has uni­versal appeal. People of all ages and back­grounds love magic! It allows people to forget about their daily troubles, suspend their disbeliefs for a few short moments, and enter a world of wonder where any­thing can happen.

     Comedy is another great choice. Every­body loves to laugh.

     Thom Bliss presents mind-blowing magic and hilarious, clean comedy in Harbor City, California. It’s a great enter­tain­ment com­bin­ation. Thom will have you and your guests laughing out loud and sit­ting on the edge of your seat. His shows are full of wonder and laughter, with lots of audience parti­cipa­tion, without em­bar­rass­ment to anyone.

     There may be cheaper acts around. And there are many more expen­sive ones. But if you’re looking for quality enter­tain­ment in Harbor City, California for a fair price, call Thom Bliss. You can bring Thom Bliss and the wonder and laughter of his magic and comedy to your next event. And it may cost less than the food.

Don’t miss the magic!
Call Thom Bliss today, while choice days and times are still available.

Call Thom Bliss today, while choice days and times are still available.

For more inform­ation, or to sched­ule an appearance, call
714-539-4259 (office)
714-423-4398 (cell).
You can also e-mail thom@­long­beach­magician­.com

“Thom Bliss ... was truly a mag­nifi­cent enter­tainer and every­one enjoyed his humor. His magic and illusion was done in a taste­ful manner, with a touch of classic humor and a caring heart.”

—Ranae E. Ramirez
Orange TLC Site Manager, Feedback Foundation

Magic for Families, Businesses & Adults
     Thom Bliss can add more than a touch of magic to your next family get-together, business meeting, or adult birth­day or holiday party. If you are having a small, intimate gath­ering, Thom can work wonders with coins, bills, playing cards and other things that can fit in his pockets or be bor­rowed from your guests. For larger groups, Thom can present a pro­gram of comical magic and myster­ious comedy from a dance floor, plat­form, or stage.

Children’s Parties a Specialty
     Thom Bliss has a Kids’ Comedy Magic Show that’s different from any other children’s magic show in Southern California. It’s not only great for boy’s birth­day parties and girl’s birth­day parties, but for other occa­sions when you want kids happily enter­tained — whether it’s in your home, or at a church, a school, and or a business, in south­ern Califor­nia, including Harbor City.

     Thom fills his Magical Comedy Kids’ Shows with hilar­ious magic and amazing humor. The birth­day child (age permitting) gets to be Thom’s special helper. And all the kids help make Thom’s magic rabbit, Trixie, appear by magic.

     The Thom Bliss Magi­Comedy Show creates magical memor­ies that can last a life­time. Long after the cake and ice cream are gone, long after the toys are broken, your child will remem­ber the magic — And smile!

“A delight­ful comedic magic show ... The child­ren and staff had a great time ... ”

—Sue Olmstead
Central Orange County YWCA
Orange, California

The child­ren had an amaz­ing time and really enjoyed the show.

—Ms K. T.
Colton, California

“Thank you for an amaz­ing perfor­mance at Kaily's 4th Birth­day party! Because of you it will be a party not only she will remem­ber forever, but her friends and their parents will remem­ber forever! ... Thanks again, Thom, you were great!”

—Katie Adams


Magic for Churches
     Thom also uses his magic tricks, clean comedy, and bal­loon sculp­ture to illustrate the Gospel through­out southern California, including Harbor City. Some call it gospel magic; others talk about magic with a mes­sage or magical object lessons. But what­ever you call it, Thom Bliss’s Good News Magi­Comedy Program is a great idea for Sunday schools, family nights, church ban­quets, vaca­tion Bible schools, and worship services in southern Cali­fornia.


“It’s the kind­est, gentl­est, funni­est way to be intro­duced into the love of God! ...”

—Rev. Judy Secor
Golden West Area Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Huntington Beach, California

It’s “enter­tain­ing and at the same time brings the gospel alive for young and old.”

—Rev. Mark Goodman-Morris


Bal­loonacy for Child­ren and Adults!
     Bal­loon sculp­ture is a great idea for any party, whether it’s for child­ren or adults — and for other events where you want to leave a good impres­sion, such as grand openings, sales promo­tions, customer ap­precia­tion days, fairs, festi­vals, and carni­vals. Not content with the dogs and giraffes that many clowns and magicians make, Thom Bliss makes a whole menagerie of balloon animals, as well as beauti­ful bal­loon flowers and silly bal­loon hats. His balloon figures are not just fun for kids, but for adults in Harbor City.


We really appreciated your presence, the lift it gave to the event, and the look of wonder on the faces of the children.”

—Lois Christofferson
Scottish Heritage Festival
San Juan Capistrano, California


     Planning a magi­cal birth­day party for a bunch of six-year-olds in Harbor City? Want to add a touch of magic to a family night supper in Harbor City? Have you been put in charge of finding enter­tain­ment for that special business meeting in Harbor City? Call Thom Bliss. You’ll be glad you did.


Call Thom Bliss today, while choice days and times are still available.

For more information, or to schedule an appearance, call
714-539-4259 (office)
714-423-4398 (cell).


You can also e-mail thom­@long­beach­magician.­com


“Excellent show... Thanks for the great show. Your per­form­ance for our child­ren was ab­solute­ly terrific. You had all the children cap­tivat­ed with your amazing and hil­ari­ous tricks. It was a very magical addi­tion to our sum­mer program.”

—Azelea R. Churchill, Director
St. John Creative Care
Cerritos, California

Don’t miss the magic!
Call Thom Bliss today, while choice days and times are still available.

Call Thom Bliss today, while choice days and times are still available

For more information, or to schedule an appearance, call
714-539-4259 (office)
714-423-4398 (cell).


You can also e-mail thom­@long­beach­magician.­com


Thom Bliss will travel to anywhere in Long Beach, including Alamitos Beach. Alamitos Heights. Arlington. Artcraft Manor. Belmont Heights. Belmont Park. Belmont Shore. Bixby Knolls. Bixby Village. Bluff Heights. Bluff Park. Broadway Corridor. California Heights. Cambodia Town (Little Phnom Penh). Carroll Park. Central Area. Craftsman Village. Dominguez. Downtown Long Beach. Drake Park. East Village. East Long Beach. East Rancho Dominguez. Eastside. El Dorado Park. El Dorado Park Estates. El Dorado South. Fort Macarthur. 4th Street Corridor. Hellman. Imperial Estates. Lakewood Village. Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. Long Beach Harbor. Long Beach Marina. Los Altos. Los Cerritos - Virginia Country Club. Memorial Height. Naples. North Long Beach. Park Estates. Peninsula. Port of Long Beach. The Queen Mary (RMS Queen Mary). Ranchos. Rancho Dominguez. Rose Park. Rosewood. Shoreline Village. South of Conant. Stearns Park. Saint Mary's. Sunrise. Terminal Island. Traffic Circle. University Park Estates. Washington School. West Long Beach. Willmore City. Wrigley Heights. Wrigley North. Wrigley South. and Zaferia.
Thom Bliss will also travel to nearby cities and communities including Bellflower. Carson. Compton. Crystal City. Cypress. Harbor City. Hawaiian Gardens. Lakewood. Lomita. Los Alamitos. Palos Verdes Estates. Palos Verdes Peninsula. Paramount. Rancho Palos Verdes . Rolling Hills. Rolling Hills Estates. Rossmoor. San Pedro. Seal Beach. Signal Hill. Torrance and Wilmington.

Thom Bliss serves most of southern California, including all cities and communities in the following zip codes:90220, 90221, 90222, 90274, 90275, 90630, 90710, 90712, 90713, 90715, 90716, 90717, 90720, 90723, 90731, 90732, 90740, 90744, 90745, 90746, 90755, 90802, 90803, 90804, 90805, 90806, 90807, 90808, 90810, 90813, 90814, 90815, 90822, 90831, 90833, 90834, 90835.

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Bringing out the real you?

Bringing out the REAL you?

A special surprise for the birthday boy or girl

Is this the REAL Thom Bliss?

Trixie, the magic rabbit, will be a big hit

Need to hire someone to entertain children or adults in Harbor City, Long Beach? Contact Thom Bliss. Thom is a comedy magician with many years of experience. He is funnier than a magician and more amazing than a comedian - and he even makes balloon animals. He performs for children and adults with magic and comedy throughout southern California, including Harbor City. Invite Thom Bliss to entertain at your event in Harbor City.

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